Our vision

We dreamed of a world where

  • you can safely move away from your laptop or phone in a coffee shop, library, dorm or at the office.
  • you can dose off while waiting for your plane with your luggage beside you.
  • you can charge anything, anywhere without the fear that someone will steal your stuff.
  • no one, no matter how tired, will ever forget and leave their personal items behind.
  • the little ones in your family, whether children or pets, are always within reach.

And because there was nothing out there that could do all this in an easy, affordable, reliable way, we set out to create the tye*- the first and only security device that can be used alone (as an alarm) or with a long-distance remote to protect electronic devices or passive objects such as luggage, pet collars, baby strollers, and bicycles.

Our company

We are a young startup based in the Silicon Valley. We have multiple patents pending for our flagship product, tye*, and its remote.