Tye* as your Mobile Virtual LOCK”

When you need to step away for a minute and don’t want to carry all your baggage with you, you can use tye* to secure it in place.

Find a large object (like a bench) and pass the USB cable through your luggage, and then around the bench. Connect both ends to the tye* hub, enter your pin and you’re good to go!

Disconnecting any part of the loop will sound an alarm both locally and on the remote.

Sample Applications


pool security-tye



How Does it Work?

lock final

What to use it for: non-electronic items like luggage, strollers, bikes, gates

When to use it: when you are in public locations and need to leave for a few minutes

What you need: the hub, the retractable USB cable; for longer range, the remote or a smart phone running the tye* app