Perseus Micro Logic – Videos Section

The tye*

You can find the scenarios and the way the tye* operates to secure your valuable objects and devices.

Movement Sensor - The tye*

Simply allow the movement sensor in tye* to protect your laptop from intrusion.  You can activate the Anchor either through the keypad on the Anchor or use the Monitor to activate it.  Any unwanted intrusion will be detected by the Anchor and an alarm will notify the people in the vicinity.  The monitor will also be notified when it is used in conjunction with the Anchor and alarm the user of intrusion.

Sense of Comfort with your Luggage

Objects such as luggage, briefcase, stroller, etc. which do not have a power of their own, contrary to the electronic devices, are protected by creating a loop, anchoring the object to a hard to move object.  The battery power in the Anchor, will operate the functions of the Anchor.